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Thank you so much to the developers and everyone else involved, Ive always struggled with factorsing and negative exponents and this app uses the exact same methods we were taught. Today I googled a math problem and this app popped up and I used it and it completely changed the game for me.

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How to Find (f g)(x)

Additionally, this equation allows us to measure angles using trigonometry by taking into account radians and degrees.

F(x) equations

This equation is commonly referred to as the sine equation and it can be used to accurately represent any sinusoidal waveform.

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This equation also allows us to calculate the period of a sine wave by taking into account frequency and wavelength; in this way, we can use the equation for sin to graph a sine wave with any given set of parameters such as frequency, amplitude or angle.

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Basics: Function f(x) — Mathematics — WeTheStudy

All in all, this equation for sin is an extremely helpful tool for understanding how sine waves behave in complex formulas.

What is a Function

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