Graph m=0

The equation of a line, y=mx+b, tells us how to calculate the variables m and b in the equation by looking at how they visually appear on the graph.
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Equation of a Straight Line

With both these values known, it's now possible to apply them when attempting to find m and b on the graph.

SOLUTION: how do you find the b in y=mx+b

Likewise, finding b requires one coordinate along with its given point's slope in order to determine how much value is left after those two are subtracted out.

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Graph y=mx+b

To do this, first identify what value is represented by x - usually an increment of units - and how this corresponds to an increase or decrease in y values as well.

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How to determine what m and b are in y = mx + b

In order to calculate for m on a graph, you need two coordinates that fall on that line; from here, use their x-values and y-values respectively to solve for the slope.

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