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How to simplify 2 fractions

Simplifying fractions can be a tricky task, but with the right steps it is definitely doable.

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How to Simplify Complex Fractions: 9 Steps (with

To simplify a fraction, identify the greatest common factor (GCF) between the numerator and denominator by finding what they have in common.

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How to Simplify Fractions (Part 2)

With this approach to simplifying fractions, anyone can easily tackle this tricky math problem.

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How to Simplify Fractions

For example, 30/45 can be simplified by identifying that 15 is their GCF; so you would divide 30 by 15 and 45 by 15 to get 2/3 as your simplified fraction.

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How to simplify fractions with different denominators

Then divide both the numerator and denominator by that GCF and your fraction should now be simplified.

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