The triangles shown below must be congruent

Simply put, the triangles have the same shape and size which means they are related and thus by definition must be congruent.

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The triangles shown below must be congruent. 45°

The three corresponding sides, as well as the three corresponding angles, that the two shapes possess have the same proportional measurements and thus the shapes must be congruent.

The triangles shown below must be congruent. M

The two triangles shown below are the classic example of the concept of congruence in geometry.

The triangles shown below must be congruent. 60°

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The triangles shown below must be congruent.

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The triangles shown below must be congruent. Question 3 of 10

This is the underpinning principle of many shapes and problems in geometry which makes the concept of congruence an invaluable tool in mathematics.

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